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  • Last stock! Digital Electronic Compass, Buckle Clip Design, With Thermometer, Clock Feature (Bag Pack Carabiner Clip For Outdoor Climbing)

    Generic Digital Electronic Compass, Buckle Clip Design, With Thermometer, Clock Feature (Bag Pack Carabiner Clip For Outdoor Climbing)

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    This digital compass is specially designed for outdoor use, and the buckle design can be used to buckle the product on a belt or backpack, which is convenient for carrying in various outdoor activities. This product is based on azimuth sensing electronic technology, digital clock, digital thermometer and digital compass full-screen digital display, backlight, no matter at any angle, you can clearly see the readings on the LCD screen. Functions: Digital Electronic compass (accuracy: +/-3degree; resolution: +/-1degree) Digital Thermometer (C or F user option) Digital Clock (with hour, minute, second) Backlight LCD (Blue) Security clip for attaching to belt and rucksack etc Tuning1. Put the battery into the product and display the full screen for 2 seconds, then the word 'CAL' will appear on the display screen and sixteen N characters will flash on the periphery, indicating the calibration status. 2. At this time, press the COMPASS button to display a direction degree, which is inaccurate, then press and hold the COMPASS button for about 4 seconds, CAL and 16 flashing N characters appear again , then put this digital compass on a flat surface with its face up, and then rotate this compass for a circle ( you can also put the compass on a hand flat surface, rotate your body week ) . This allows the product's electronic bearing sensor to find true north. (Note: During the adjustment process, the bubble of the level should be kept in the circle, so that the adjustment result will be more accurate)3. After one rotation, press the COMPASS button, and the correct direction will appear at this time, and the adjustment process is completed. Note: The adjustment process should be completed within one minute, otherwise the status of the compass will be expired. If this process is not completed within one minute, repeat the 2 steps to re-adjust.Temperature stateTemperature status display: Celsius temperature and Fahrenheit temperaturePress the [MODE] button to enter the time / temperature state, and the display will display Celsius temperature ( 0 C) by default , press the [SELECT] button to switch the display state of Fahrenheit temperature ( 0 F) and Celsius temperature ( 0 C) .Time settingTime status display: 24 hoursIn the time state (for example, in the compass state, you can press the [MODE] button to enter the time state), press the [SET] button for 3 seconds, the hour number will flash, press the [SELECT] button to set the hour value.Press the [SET] button and the minute number will flash, press the [SELECT] button to set the minute value.Long press the [SET] button for 3 seconds to confirm the above time setting.Compass statusIn the time state, press the [Compass] button to use the compass function.The device only stays in the compass state for 3 minutes. After 3 minutes, it will automatically sleep (that is, nothing is displayed on the screen). If you don't need to use the compass state for such a long time, then press the [MODE] button to switch back to the clock temperature state, which can save power consumption. After entering the compass state, the position of the N icon on the periphery of the LCD screen is the true north.If heavy fall or other irregular operations during use may cause the status of the compass to be destroyed and the data to be inaccurate, you can press and hold the [ Compass] button and follow the adjustment step 2 to re-adjust.

    1 in stock

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